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NIRAV ENTERPRISE is amongst the first manufacturer of high temperature resistance silicone coated fiberglass hose in India. Established on the out skirts of the historic city of Ahmedabad, We have in short span, established ourselves as an extremely reliable, customer-friendly company, with an unchallenged record of extra high quality products, and timely deliveries. With the experience of 20Years in fiberglass field and with the support by an experienced and professional working team, We have extended our business activities, not only all over India, but almost every part of world.

A light weight, flexible, smooth bore hose madeup from an outer layer of silicone coatedfibreglass fabric and having outer double core of fibreglass. This is supported by high tensileplated spring steel wire helix, which is linedinternally with another layer of siliconecoat edfibreglass fabric to give smooth internal bore.

Designed for medium pressure and high temperature air handling. It is ideal for
light service condition, where smooth bore is require. Designed for conveying air,
fume or non abrasive dust at extreme of temperature.
Automotive, Dryer Hose, Plastic Industry, Air Craft, Brick Kilns, Brake Ducting, Cap
Ventilation, Defroster/Heater Hose, Dry Cleaning, Exhaust Systems, Gaurage
Exhaust, Tractor Pull Exhaust, High Temperature Applications, Rocket Support
Duct, Transmission Cooling, Vehicle Exhaust Systems.